10 May 2021 • ACTUALITÉS

Planète Urgence in Madagascar: meeting with local partners during the annual workshop

At the end of January, 16 local partners responded to the invitation of the Planète Urgence Delegation in Madagascar for its annual workshop of local associations. On the theme of “How to identify and frame your needs”, this workshop was an opportunity to discuss the new orientations for this year and in particular to affirm the commitment of Planète Urgence despite the absence of volunteers in the field at cause of COVID-19. 


Volunteering missions disrupted by the health context

Following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all Planète Urgence field volunteering missions (“physical”) have been suspended. Missions scheduled at the beginning of the year have been postponed, and some have even been canceled. All sectors of activity have been impacted by this crisis and this workshop was necessary to bring together partners and strengthen the support and support of Planète Urgence. Despite the absence of volunteers in the field, Planète Urgence has given these partners a new spirit of resilience thanks to a new system launched in the summer of 2020: e-volunteering. 

The 16 local partners present (9 associations and NGOs, 2 national parks, 3 schools, 1 technical high school, 1 centralized cooperation and 1 vocational training center), some of which are attached to public entities such as the Ministry of National Education , were therefore able to discuss their difficulties encountered in the face of the pandemic, to seek solutions together so as to create a positive synergy and thus be able to offer quality missions and above all in coherence with their real needs. 


“With COVID-19, we should show innovation and solidarity among ourselves, but also to use all the necessary resources to help us cope with change, hence the importance of our collaboration with Planète Urgence. in capacity building. »   

RAKOTOZAFY Larissa, Head of the International Relations Service, Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training 


A workshop that highlighted the importance of adapting to the context

Each local partner was asked to globally identify the strengths of its organization and also what it might lack for the proper functioning of its structure. 

It is following this essential exercise that local associations have identified their main problems since the arrival of COVID-19: financial and human resources which tend to be reduced, technical and financial partnerships which are no longer sufficient to ensure sustainability. of their organization, or the increase in school dropouts for partners working for education. 

From now on, new themes adapted to this new context will be proposed to future volunteers of Planète Urgence, such as fundraising, setting up income-generating activity projects or even the development of a communication strategy in order to raise awareness of this entity at the local level. 

A necessary adaptation, therefore, in order to be able to optimize capacity building and capitalize on the new Planète Urgence systems, and in particular e-volunteering. 

The partners were also enthusiastic about the creation of a network of Planète Urgence partners and being ambassadors to other structures that might be interested in supporting the association. 


 “Thanks to this workshop, we were able to get to know each other better and realize that our activities are interdependent. Planète Urgence will be able to encourage the networking of its partners, an initiative welcomed positively. »  

Nathalie Rakotondramoma, Volunteer program manager of the Madagascar delegation 



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