Our actions

Our approach

Taking action where it’s most urgently needed for forests and people


Planète Urgence works on a territorial basis, with local partners and provides expertise in the field, in line with national and local public policies, to respond to an identified and formalised need.

It relies on delegations based in the countries where it operates to ensure that it is close to its partners and familiar with the local context and issues.


Areas with very significant past deforestation or at risk of deforestation in the coming years


Areas hosting exceptional biodiversity due to the multiplicity of species or the rarity of the species present


Areas with a high level of poverty or vulnerability to climate change

We have carried out studies with CIFOR-ICRAF to cross-reference all the data needed to take action in priority areas.

The results are available free of charge and can be useful to our entire ecosystem.


Find out more about the study on priority restoration areas :

Benin Madagascar Ecuador Indonesia


Planète Urgence’s priority areas

The Congo Basin

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The Mekong Basin Borneo

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Discover our F.O.R.E.T. programme


This strategic document aims to clarify the challenges, areas of intervention, key expertise and conditions for success of our current and future interventions.

Consult the F.O.R.E.T. Strategy


A comprehensive territorial approach to forest protection

We have a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to meeting the challenges of the areas in which we operate, because everything in an ecosystem is interdependent. Our actions therefore often combine education, economic activities, governance, conservation and restoration.

Example in central Madagascar

Supporting and developing local players to ensure our long-term impact



Planète Urgence works with a network of nearly 80 partners throughout the world, which it accompanies, helps to grow and supports. We are convinced that these actors will guarantee sustainable action and a multiplication of our impacts.


Planète Urgence does not wish to take the place of existing structures or solutions if they are relevant.


In order not to destabilise the local economy, our interventions must not compete with a local service provider if the latter can provide a similar service at a price that is accessible to beneficiaries.


The association carries out sustainable actions enabling beneficiaries to become self-sufficient.


The association works closely with its local partners and implements solutions based on a participatory method.


The association places safety at the centre of its concerns. A very strict protocol is in place for this purpose.