Qui est l'ONG Planète Urgence ?

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« Sustainable reconciliation
people and planet »

Planète Urgence is an international solidarity and development aid NGO created in 2000 and recognised as being of public utility. Through its volunteer and skills-building programmes, its awareness-raising initiatives and its forest preservation projects, its mission is to empower men and women to preserve forests and biodiversity.

A direct and measurable impact

Through its actions, the NGO Planète Urgence has a direct and measurable impact on 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

Our history

During the Gulf War in Iraq and then during the fratricidal conflict in Rwanda, Hervé Dubois, then founder of ATLAS and head of Médecin du Monde’s logistics activity, realised that certain skills and know-how of citizens and employees could be useful for international solidarity. In 2000, he founded the Congé Solidaire® association, which promotes corporate volunteering alongside key players in international solidarity such as Jean-Pierre Delomier, Wanda Hoesch, Pierre Levy and Antoine Vaccaro.

It was following the 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which caused a tsunami off the coast of Indonesia, that the NGO decided to offer a comprehensive response to the challenges of development by combining the provision of skills with projects that linked the environment and development. It then changed its name to Planète Urgence. In 2017, Planète Urgence joined the SOS Group and became one of the NGOs in the Group’s international solidarity division. Since January 2024, it has been chaired by Nicolas Froissard.

Our activity reports

Each year, Planète Urgence’s accounts are audited and certified by an auditor and are communicated through its activity report, which gives an account of the organisation’s financial situation, its missions and its results.

Discover the highlights of Planète Urgence’s year 2023! An active year in the field!

A Groupe SOS association

The SOS Group is a non-profit organisation, a leader in social entrepreneurship in Europe and a major player in the social economy.

It brings together 650 associations, social enterprises, establishments and services, which fight, act and innovate for the benefit of people in vulnerable situations, future generations and local communities. Since it was founded in 1984, during the AIDS years, the SOS Group has: fought against all forms of exclusion; worked to ensure that everyone has access to the essentials, in particular by helping associations and businesses to safeguard their jobs and activities; and innovated in the face of social, societal and environmental challenges.

Non-profit, shareholder-free, the Groupe SOS and its 22,000 employees work in France and in more than 40 countries around the world.