Training on Organizational Capacity Development plan

Training on Organizational Capacity Development plan

The volunteer will be in charge of supporting FLO’s team in designing an Organizational Capacity Development (OD) plan.



In the Kratie province in Cambodia, support to local communities living in forestry areas is limited.

Forests and Livelihood Organization (FLO) is working to improve the livelihoods of local people through the strengthening of local communities in negotiating and advocating decision-making power, to ensure sustainable natural resource management and balanced socio-economic development.
FLO’s interventions are projected in its three-year strategic plans. After the successful delivery of the first strategic plan (2017-2019), the Governing Board advised the executive team to develop the second strategic plan for 2020 to 2022. This strategic plan was developed based on the lessons learnt from the first period. A notable improvement about the second strategic plan is that it is developed by FLO’s executive team with support and technical guidance from the Governing Board. The team is currently working to design its third strategic plan, including the goal to develop its institutional arrangement.

However, the team lacks of skill and faces difficulties to identify how to improve by themselves their strategies, structures, and processes.

In order to allow them to improve their institutional arrangement, FLO’s team need to benefit from training in designing an Organizational Capacity Development (OD).

Recourse to the support of Planète Urgence volunteers is important because FLO does not have the skills for this mission, or the financial means to pay a trainer.

Intervention attendue du volontaire

The volunteer intervention must cover those topics:
– Update of the organizational capacity assessment,
– Identification of areas for improvement,
– Development of an action plan to plot the way forward
– Identification of areas where outside technical assistance may be needed.


Kratie is a small town located along the Mekong River, with beautiful natural surroundings and some touristic infrastructures (eco-tourism activities with local communities, possibility to watch endemic species of Dolphins, to do kayak and bicycle, etc.).

Malaria and Dengue are present in Kratie and preventive drugs for Malaria are recommended.

It is not advised to walk alone at night in the city.

Type de bénéficiaires

The beneficiaries of the training will be 4 members of FLO’s team, including 3 women (1 executive director, 1 project manager, 2 projects officers, 1 finance and admin.)

Profil des bénéficiaires

The beneficiaries have a heterogeneous level of study which varies between highschool/bachelor/master’s degree. One graduated a Master degree, 4 graduated bachelor and 2 finished high school.
The English level of the team is low to medium. Some of them cannot speak English and some of them can speak just a little bit. A translator will be required to ease the understanding of the training.

Nombre de volontaires requis

1 volontaires

Le partenaire

Notre partenaire local

Forest and Livelihoods Organization (FLO)


Created in 2010, FLO aims to improve livelihoods of local people through strengthening of local communities in negotiating and advocating decision making power, to ensure sustainable natural resource management and balanced socio-economic development. Since 2010, we have 2 main thematic:
– Natural Resource Management
 Community Forestry
 Community Fishery
 Collective Land Titling
 None-Timber Forest Product (Honey)
– Alternative Livelihood Development
 Self-Help Group
 Climate Change Adaptation (rehabilitation irrigation ponds, dams and wells)
 Agriculture (chicken raising, rice and vegetable production)

Informations pratiques

Accueil et transfert

The volunteer will be welcomed at Phnom Penh Airport by a member of PU’s team and will be transported to a hotel near the airport for an overnight stay.

The volunteer will leave by private taxi the following day (5 to 6h of travel) and will be welcomed at the hotel in Kratie by a member of FLO’s staff.

On the way back, the volunteer will travel on Friday by private taxi from Kratie to Phnom Penh and will leave the country on Saturday.

Aéroport d’arrivée

Phnom Penh


The volunteer will be staying at a hotel near FLO’s office in Kratie (individual private room, with key-lock, private bathroom)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be taken in hotel or restaurants nearby.

Matériel disponible sur place

-Volunteer should bring a laptop.
FLO’s office is equiped with a projector. The volunteer will have a desk at disposal.

Je postule

Je postule

Code mission : CB3CC1

Partenaire :
Forest and Livelihoods Organization (FLO)

Localisation :
Cambodge, Kratie

Langues :


Type d’intervention :
Formation pour adultes

Compétences :
Management des organisations

Dispositif(s) possible(s) :
Congé Solidaire, Mission Solidaire

Durée :
2 semaines

Dates :

📅 27-04-2024 au 05-10-2024

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