Training on making and editing short videos -VEC

Training on making and editing short videos -VEC

The volunteer will be in charge of making videos and editing training so that POKJA ‘s members are able to develop their own communication program strategy.



As a productive NGO, Pokja Pesisir teams speaks up regularly about environmental caring. Pokja Team is often involved as a speaker in reforestation forum. However, their participative in forum not balanced yet by campaign through the social media. According to this situation, Pokja team needs capacity building related the social media content, including how to produce professional videos.

The justification:
1. Less than 50% staff of Pokja Pesisir know about how to produce videos for campaign.
2. Pokja Pesisir needs good videos as communication and campaign tools.

That’s why they need this training because they need some videos for environmental campaign activities, and they also want to know how to make videos by themselves.

The support of Planète Urgence volunteers is crucial because Pokja Pesisir Team lacks the required skills for this mission and does not have enough financial means to pay a trainer.

Intervention attendue du volontaire

What is expected from the volunteer :
1) Pokja team will get the knowledge about how to conceive a video story board.
2) Pokja team will know tow to take good videos by good angle, good lighting, etc.
3) Pokja team have a knowledge about easy application of video editing.
4) Pokja team can learn much about how to edit the raw videos

Training Method:
Theoritical practical training. Practice in the field will be better (several field session can be organized during the training)


Training will be held in Pokja Office, 4 hours per-day.

Type de bénéficiaires

2 Pokja Pesisir Staff and 2 freelancer

Profil des bénéficiaires

The beneficiaries of the training will be 4 members of Pokja Pesisir team:
1. Director of Pokja (S1 student/NGO experience: 20 years). He used to take video py android only for his personal documentation.
2. Field Coordinator (S1/23 years of NGO experience, forestry and community social empowerment). He rarely (almost never) taking video in the field.
3. Pokja Pesisir local Volunteer, S1/ Experience of Environmental Activist, Oil and Gas). He used to take video py android only for his personal documentation.
4. Pokja Pesisir local Volunteer, High School Students. He has some experience in making short video but not for commercial/professional.
Less than 50% of them have an experience in making videos.

A translator will be needed during this mission period. To design the training, the volunteer will work closely with all the beneficiaries in order to understand well their needs and the objectives of the association.

Nombre de volontaires requis

1 volontaires

Motivation attendue

Volunteers should be friendly, flexible, and open minded with Indonesian culture. The requirements are as follows:
1. Being able to know how to conceive a campaign video;
2. Being able to teach how to make good quality and editing short videos;
3. Being able to edit videos and combine them in good quality.

Le partenaire

Notre partenaire local

Pokja Pesisir

Informations pratiques

Accueil et transfert

Before arriving at final destination (Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan), the volunteer will be arriving in Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta. From Jakarta, they need to flight again to Balikpapan city. It will be a short flight around 2 hours. The volunteers are suggested to arrive in Jakarta on saturday. They will stay one night in Jakarta, then continue to flight on sunday morning.
Pokja team will pick up the volunteer from the Sepinggan airport in Balikpapan city, then take him/her/ to the Pokja Office. There are less than 10 km distance between airport and office, around 25 minutes by car.
During this mission, the volunteer is suggested to take a taxi motorcycle online to go to the office (a helmet will be provided for safety).

Aéroport d’arrivée

Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan.


The volunteer will be staying at a guest house close to the Rengganis/Pokja office (individual private room, with key-lock, private bathroom, Electricity and water are available).
The guesthouse is near public facilities, near restaurants, clinic, etc.The food can be arranged by catering in Balikpapan (Pokja staff can help to request/order the menu). Electricity and water are available.

Je postule

Je postule

Code mission : ID1UC1

Partenaire :
Pokja Pesisir

Localisation :
Indonésie, Balikpapan

Langues :


Type d’intervention :
Formation pour adultes

Compétences :

Dispositif(s) possible(s) :
Congé Solidaire, Mission Solidaire

Durée :
2 semaines

Dates :

📅 18-05-2024 au 31-07-2024

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