Planète Urgence’s mission is to recruit volunteers to support our local partners and pass on the skills they need for their long term self-sufficiency.

Who are our
operational partners?

Local partners have varied profiles and are classified into three categories:


  • Social and solidarity economy actors (NGOs, associations, cooperatives…),


  • Private sector actors (private schools, social enterprises…)


  • Public sector actors (national parks, public schools, local government bodies…)

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What criteria are used when
choosing Planète Urgence partners?

In order to ensure sustainable local development, partners are selected according to several criteria linked to their potential for impact:


  • have prior expertise and legitimacy on the main theme of the project (such as reforestation for example);


  • be able to set up pilot and large-scale actions;


  • project itself into a medium or long term partnership;


  • be able to produce and work on project management tools, with or without the support of Planète Urgence.


We analyse the projects and skill support needs, and work with the project lead to define the assignments, including the objectives, expected results and implemented means.

Framing of projects

UA project with a local partner consists of several missions and takes place over several months, or even over several years.


For each mission, throught a monitoring and evaluation work, we gather the assignment reports, and capitalise on the feedback in order to help ensure the projects’ longevity and provide updates on new needs.


All of these practices and processes, in the service of the empowerment of local partners, are reviewed regularly to ensure that the objectives of our local partners are achieved for each project.

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