Our local partners

Planète Urgence is implementing its action with the aim of establishing lasting changes in its areas of intervention. Convinced that these changes will only be successful if they are supported and appropriated by local actors who master the contexts of the targeted areas, the association has placed partnerships at the heart of its method of intervention. By choosing to “do it together”, Planète Urgence supports civil society organizations (CSOs) carrying initiatives that create social value in favor of a more united and sustainable planet. 

Planète Urgence supports and works with a network of more than 200 partners, thus promoting the empowerment of local organizations and communities. They are illustrated through capacity building, particularly organizational and institutional, of local associations, the establishment of reforestation and local development projects or even the environmental awareness of the youngest.

In a logic of complementarity and common learning to meet the needs of stakeholders and beneficiaries and grow each of the stakeholders in partnerships, Planète Urgence promotes the mutual sharing of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.

This vision is reflected in the values and principles, of transparency, accountability, learning, sustainability and proximity to meet the mandate of the association.

The framing of projects

A project with a local partner consists of several missions and takes place over several months, or even over several years.

For each mission, monitoring / evaluation work is put in place to ensure concrete results in the field and to assess the relevance of the pursuit of actions: update of needs, assessment of missions, measurement of  results and impact, etc. 

All of these practices and processes, in the service of the empowerment of local partners, are reviewed regularly to ensure that the objectives of our local partners are achieved for each project.

Cadrage projets