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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Planète Urgence contributes at its level to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, and focuses in particular on 6 objectives:

Impact Report

The impact sheets of volunteering missions carry the very essence of our association: ensuring that assignments performed by volunteers help advance the projects of our partners on the ground.
The measurement of results and the evaluation of the impact of the projects that Planète Urgence implements or supports has four objectives:

• count the number of hours of training provided, the number of beneficiaries affected, the number of trees planted, the number of people trained and / or sensitized
• Understanding the changes brought about by the assignments performed by volunteers for the recipient local organisations and populations.
• Improving the volunteering protocol, partner selection procedures and project development process.

Measuring results and evaluating the impact of programmes is also a question of demonstrating accountability and transparency to those who donate, whether they are private sponsors (individuals, companies and foundations) or public sponsors.

The diagnostics and indicator analyses implemented by Planète Urgence as part of the volunteering process and the Environment & Development programme illustrate the wide range of corporate support work impacts and results for our partners:

Raising awareness on environment

Contribute to better access to education and better acquisition of basic knowledge for children and young adults, facilitating their professional integration.

In a world where crises are amplifying, it is necessary to increase local and international solidarity in order to be able to achieve the ambitious objectives of sustainable development set by the UN.

International solidarity volunteering is a concrete and powerful response to current challenges. 97% of partners supported by Planète Urgence’s volunteering believe that the intervention of these volunteers contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In November 2020, Planète Urgence published its report “Volunteering and Sustainable Development Goals: studies and experiences” with the aim of demonstrating the powerful impact that volunteering can bring to our local partners and to its contribution to the SDGs.


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