6 September 2021 • ACTUALITÉS

One year after the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis: what impact on the local partners of Planète Urgence?

One year on, the crisis linked to COVID-19 continues to have a very significant impact on the interventions that Planète Urgence carries out with local partners.
Short-term volunteer missions were stopped for more than a year in order to preserve the safety of volunteers and local partners. At the same time, the partner associations have adapted to this new environment by modifying their intervention, reorganizing their work, and developing new projects and partnerships.

Faced with this observation, and after an initial study on the short-term impacts of this health crisis, Planète Urgence decided to conduct a second survey in order to assess the current situation of the partners and to envisage a resumption of missions as well as complementary activities in support.

The results of the questionnaire displayed below show a strong capacity to adapt on the part of our partners, and the need to continue supporting them.


Key figures of the survey conducted from 12 May to 15 June 2021


The majority of the participating partners in this survey work on the promotion of local development: notably the professional training of beneficiaries, the development of economic and sustainable alternatives, among others.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic


The survey carried out in April 2020 showed that our local partners were facing several difficulties:

  • New organisation of their work and their employees
  • Continuity of activities in the field
  • Decrease in funding

This year, 60% of associations have still reduced or adapted a large part of their activities but 40% are now continuing their actions normally. Only 5% of the associations are at a complete standstill.



The comparison between the two studies in 2020 and 2021 is as follows:



The priority needs


Today, the main needs of organisations are to obtain additional funding (74%) and to support their teams to improve their skills (65%).

Finally, 37% of partners also said that they were thinking about changing their strategy and would need support in this area.

In 2020, 62% of partners felt that volunteering would be a lever to get out of the crisis. Following an improvement in working conditions and a resumption of activities, 98% said they needed volunteers to relaunch their actions and projects.



Planète Urgence’s answer


Planète Urgence has solicited the support of partner organisations on such issues as:

  • networking events,
  • the provision of tools and,
  • the realisation of distance micro-training courses



Overall, the feedback is particularly enthusiastic:

  • 90% of the partners are interested in micro-training, especially on how to find funding and how to manage telework.


  • 98% of the partners would like to be networked locally, in particular on workshops to exchange practices.


  • Finally, 90% of the partners would like to have at their disposal tools such as information sheets and guides on fundraising and project management.



Planète Urgence is currently carrying out actions to support its partners, such as: the implementation of e-volunteer missions, the mobilisation of volunteers locally and the re-launch of volunteer missions in countries where health conditions allow.

In addition, Planète Urgence is considering several avenues of support for local partners, such as: the development of a capacity-building project, the provision of training tools and the organisation of workshops to exchange practices.

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