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According to the State of the Climate in Africa 2019 study, temperatures are rising by 0.4° per decade, twice as much as global warming. At the same time, the loss of biodiversity is extremely significant on this continent, which has to cope with increased demographic pressure. In the countries where Planète Urgence operates, environmental education is almost absent from official school curricula in public primary schools, where young people need to learn about environmental management in order to share it more effectively in society.

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Because of its geographical isolation and the variety of its climates and relief, Madagascar has exceptional biodiversity, with a very high rate of endemism. The country is one of the 17 countries in the world identified as a ‘megadiverse’ (UNEP, 2000), one of the 9 largest biodiversity ‘hotspots’ in the world (Conservation International, 2000), and is considered a priority conservation area due to the very large number of species threatened with extinction in the country.

To help preserve this fragile environment, the government has launched an Education Sector Plan (2018-2022) in which Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development (ErEDD) has found its home. A large number of teaching tools on ErEDD are available in Madagascar (more than 400), but teachers are not trained to use them, which limits the dissemination of messages to children.


The aim of the project is to empower educational staff by providing them with teaching tools and training to raise children’s awareness of the need to protect their environment. The children are put in a position to play an active role in improving school comfort. The project will be disseminated to the general public and local authorities, to reinforce the place of ErEDD in school curricula.

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« Our school has been working with Planète Urgence since 2021. Our school is greener, more beautiful, cleaner, the children are adopting eco-gestures, the school canteen is supplied by the school garden, and we have been able to reforest 1,000 plants on the school grounds. All this has a strong impact on the school drop-out rate and the success rate in end-of-year exams. We hope that Planète Urgence will continue its work in our school and help us to become self-sufficient.»

RAHANTANIRINA Aline, Head of MANANKASINA Public Primary School

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