The Planète Urgence delegation in Benin

As the first Planète Urgence representation in the world, our national delegation in Benin opened its doors in 2004.

It is now based in Djougou, in the centre west of the country, and is made up of 7 members of staff. At a time when the area of forest in Benin has shrunk by almost 20% between 2005 and 2020, our delegation, led by Daniel Chabi Boni, is working with our local partners, in particular through the deployment of volunteers (more than 800 volunteers have been deployed in Benin since 2006) and is also supporting our volunteering activities in Togo.

We are currently developing two projects: Planète Éducation, which raises awareness of the need to protect the environment, and the GAPADOU project, which focuses on the sacred forests of the Bassila region.

Our local projects

GAPADOU Project | Sustainable management of sacred forests and strengthening the resilience of local communities

Sacred forests

Contributing to the conservation and sustainable management of sacred forests in Bassila and Djougou.
Planète Éducation | Empowering local players to raise children's awareness in Benin

Education and environment – Benin

Accompanying teachers and children in key forest areas to integrate environmental education into schools.

Planète Urgence wanted to gain a better understanding of the priorities for intervention in Benin’s forests. The NGO therefore worked with the CIFOR-ICRAF network of researchers to cross-reference all the data on deforestation, climate change and biodiversity with data linked to the precariousness of communities via the CIFOR-ICRAF ‘Resilient Landscapes’ team. It’s a goldmine for putting our energies to work for living things.

Volunteering in Benin

mission volontariat Planète Urgence

Planète Urgence consolidates projects supported and implemented by local partners. The association’s action responds to the needs and supports the autonomy of its partners. Planète Urgence’s national delegation in Benin identifies the needs of its partners, enabling a relationship based on proximity and trust.

To be effective, missions are prepared in advance, supervised on site and evaluated on the volunteers’ return. The process of analysing and evaluating the quality and relevance of the missions is carried out in real time, enabling us to capitalise on best practice and take into account areas for improvement if necessary.

Since 2000, more than 10,000 volunteers have left for all the countries where the association is active. Get involved in capacity building!

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Are you a Beninese organization in need of volunteers to strengthen the skills of your beneficiaries? Would you like more information about Planète Urgence’s actions in Benin?

The office is located in Djougou: Quartier SASSIROU, route de l’aérodrome de Djougou, 1st street on the right.

Contact Daniel, the National Delegate