Integrate the Congé Solidaire®
into your CSR approach

The Congé Solidaire®

The Congé Solidaire® is an international voluntary service and skills transfer / reinforcement system created by Planète Urgence. This is a short-term solidarity mission (two weeks) carried out by the employee during his time off. Each mission responds to a specific need expressed by one of Planète Urgence’s associative partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe.

Concretely, your employees commit in their free time (voluntary work of skills) thanks to your financial support (financial sponsorship) and thus become actors of CSR. Beyond the impact for local partners, the missions of Congé Solidaire® participate in the personal development of employees and have a real impact on the pride of belonging to the company and the employer brand.

Le Congé Solidaire®

On site, employees put their skills at the service of local partners (association, group of women, artisans, cooperatives, educational networks, scientific partners, etc.), within the framework of environmental protection and development projects or education.

You thus offer your employees the opportunity to develop their commitment around meaningful issues while enhancing and developing their skills.

The benefits of your commitment

Today the solutions offered to meet HR and CSR challenges are numerous. In this context, the Congé Solidaire® is positioned as a unique tool both in its modality and in its scope of intervention.

A company that wishes to engage its employees around the Congé Solidaire® makes a donation to the association to support the program and allow its employees to get involved.


Become partner

Set up the Congé Solidaire® within your company


Dedicated support

Planète Urgence supports you throughout the partnership according to your needs and objectives:

  • identification of missions related to the skills of your employees
  • advice and support in internal communication; deployment of the employee mobilization system
  • upstream training for employees, on-site supervision and support on return
  • assessment of missions and monitoring of the partnership over time.

They have integrated Congé Solidaire® into their CSR approach

Martin Huerre

“The Congé Solidaire® is a tremendous asset for us in bringing generations Y on board, perpetually in search of meaning by allowing them to embody their gift”.

Martin HUERRE, DRH of Mazars France