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[Activity report] 2020: year of resilience for Planète Urgence

Planète Urgence publishes its Activity Report, a summary of its activity over the year 2020. You will find there the results of forest preservation and local development projects, its interventions for education and environmental awareness as well as as its capacity building actions. 

Rapport d'activité Planète Urgence 2020




“In 2020, Planète Urgence celebrated 20 years of local action in the service of humans and their environment. 20 years of concrete responses to the challenges of sustainable development with more than 10 million trees planted on thousands of hectares preserved, restored or enhanced, and more than 10,000 volunteers committed to serving hundreds of community organizations. 

20 years of existence that have forged strong convictions. Development takes place for Planète Urgence above all at the local level by building concrete projects in close proximity with the actors present in particularly fragile areas. Experience has shown us that it is necessary to know how to approach problems in all their complexity, by combining actions on humans and on their environment. 

2020 will therefore also have been a difficult year from a financial point of view directly linked to the cessation of international volunteering missions. I take this opportunity to warmly thank all the companies, donors, ambassadors, as well as the SOS Group who have enabled us to resist thanks to generous donations or the sharing of skills.

As the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration begins, 2021 will, I hope, be a year of metamorphosis in the service of protecting the planet – the Biodiversity and Climate COPs will be essential in this regard. We have little time to reverse the rate of destruction of nature, so let’s act quickly, massively and collectively. » 

Amandine Hersant,
Executive Director of  Planète Urgence 



Extracts from the 2020 activity report 


In 2020, Planète Urgence was able to continue its missions: 

  • Preserving forests and biodiversity in danger, thanks to its Environment & Development program and its local and integrated response to the pressures exerted on ecosystems during 6 projects in Indonesia, Madagascar and Cameroon. 
  • Strengthen local actors through the transfer of skills from the 63 volunteers mobilized with our local partners. 
  • Improve the school environment in 4 African countries, thanks to its operation of School Eco-kits as well as complementary Hygiene Kits to thus offer thousands of students optimal learning conditions, combined with awareness-raising actions on the environment. 

Chiffres clés 2020 Planète Urgence


2020 will also have been synonymous with resilience and adaptation! 


The year 2020 marked a new era for all: the awareness of the poor health of our planet, having as a direct consequence the complete readjustment of the way our society operates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sudden halt to the association’s activities, due in particular to the various confinements that are almost generalized in all its countries of intervention. 

Volunteering missions and forest preservation and economic development projects then suspended for a time, it was necessary for Planète Urgence to react concretely to the unprecedented situation while maintaining the link with its local partners, volunteers, patrons and many others. obviously its teams present in the four corners of the globe. 


Here is, in summary, what happened in 2020: 

  • Health management: the return of volunteers 

Planète Urgence had to react quickly and offer local support to all of its volunteers in the field. 

It was therefore necessary to organize the return of volunteers who had gone on Solidarity Leave® and Solidarity Mission, but also to bring forward the return to France of volunteers in Civic Service completing their mission between March and June. During the first month of the crisis, a third of the volunteers in the field therefore returned to France. For those who remained in their country of intervention, a personalized follow-up was set up according to the wishes of the volunteers and the security conditions on site, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Civic Service Agency and France. Volunteers. 

  • Adaptation of field operations 

Planète Urgence’s priority was to ensure the continuity of the projects and its commitment to its local partners. 

Planète Urgence has developed a new 100% online volunteering system: e-volunteering, allowing the volunteer to commit without having to travel. In addition, the association has rolled out its international Solidarity Leave® scheme in France. 

Planète Urgence has also adapted its actions in terms of education. This is why “Hygiene Kits” have been distributed in response to the health crisis. 

Regarding the Environment & Development program, awareness campaigns and events have been adapted online and/or in small groups. Thus, for the planting of trees, shifts have been organized in the nursery to avoid gatherings. 

  • The financial challenge and the support of its patrons 

To face these new challenges, Planète Urgence has mobilized its sponsors and wishes to thank those who have maintained their commitment despite the crisis (30% decline in fundraising). 

Part of the donations made as part of Congé Solidaire® has in particular made it possible to develop the innovation of e-volunteering, a system since adopted by a large number of companies to engage employees differently in international solidarity. 

Another part was reallocated to the Environment & Development program, and the year 2020 will have set a record in this regard: more than €800,000 collected from companies on the “1 € = 1 tree planted” operation. 


Impact consolidé Planète Urgence 2020


Planète Urgence would like to thank its partners, patrons, sponsors and donors, for their precious support during this unprecedented year that the world has experienced, and is still experiencing. The association will have proven its capacity for resilience in the face of adversity and intends to keep this momentum to contribute more to making this world more sustainable and united. 

Happy reading and thank you all! 




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