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« Leaving with Planete Urgence is the guarantee of quality and safety. I left 5 times and I am not going to stop there. »
Amandine, Bénin volunteer

Device developed by Planete Urgence to allow anyone wishing to share their skills to go on a 2-week international solidarity mission.

A mission with Planète Urgence is:

  • The assurance of being useful: an impact in line with an expressed need
  • Preparation for departure and secure support throughout the mission
  • A unique human and cultural experience

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Finance your mission

The volunteer must mobilise funds to finance the mission, in particular by appealing to the generosity of his entourage. Donations are tax deductible up to 66% for individuals.

What are the costs for a 2-week mission?

Planete Urgence has decided to join small structures, which to not have the means to remunerate their volunteers but who have a real need for support and therefore takes the decision to support associations with very limited resources.

In addition, there is no public or institutional funding to encourage the development of short-term international volunteering on the theme of vocational training or skills sharing. This is why Planete Urgence asks volunteers for Solidarity Missions to participate in the collection of mission costs.

The minimum donation of 1,800 euros for two weeks of missions is based on a solidarity concept. It does not correspond to the actual amount of the cost of the chosen mission but has been calculated on the basis of the average cost of our Solidarity Mission and Congé Solidaire® missions. The cost of missions is indeed the result of a balance between these two sources of funding.

mission solidaire Planète Urgence

Cost of a Solidarity Mission

Each mission has a unique cost* that varies according to the device and duration. For all missions, transportation to and from the airport, transport the mission site, accommodation and training costs are included in the missions cost.

The financing of a volunteer mission with Planete Urgence represents a minimum donation of 1,800 euros.

*remains the responsibility of the volunteer: the plane ticket, any vaccines, the possible visa.

Tax deduction

Planete Urgence is a recognised association of general interest. As such, all donations are eligible for tax exemption, including costs incurred for a mission under the conditions of the fee waiver note.

Donations are deducted from the amount of income tax up to 66% for individuals for taxable persons up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. Learn more about tax receipts.

Assistance on financing

Planete Urgence supports its volunteers in the search for funding so that missions are open to all. Contact us to get it.

Planete Urgence is associated with the donation collection site to allow volunteers to mobilise their entourage. Donors will benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the amount of their donation.

The application steps

Search for a mission and apply by filling out a short first contact form.

Your support officer contacts you again. Together, you define your mission: dates, cover letter etc. Your employer validates your mission.

Your mission is validated by the local partner, you then prepare for departure: plane, visa, vaccination.

 Preparation for departure
Mandatory 2-day training session (only 2 per month). Prepare for the mission!