What is e-volunteering?

E-volunteering was created by Planète Urgence following the global health crisis of COVID-19, and aims to meet the needs of our partner organisations around the world without having to travel to the field.

As these assignments do not involve going abroad, they allow volunteers who are not prepared to go on a field mission to make a commitment to an international organisation.

Carrying out an e-volunteering assignment

For e-volunteering assignments, the volunteer’s commitment can range from 2 to over 12 hours a week for 2 to 8 weeks. The assignments on offer fall into 3 categories:

  • Online training: the volunteer contributes his or her expertise to meet an organisation’s capacity-building needs through online courses tailored to the local organisation’s requirements.
  • Support for the creation of tools: the volunteer supports the local partner in the design and production of tools (communication, marketing, project management, etc.).
  • Strategic support: the volunteer guides the members of the local organisation in analysing their situation and the measures to be put in place to deal with a problem identified beforehand.


The application process

 1. Application

Search for an assignment and apply by filling in a short initial contact form. Then send us your complete application with CV and covering letter.

 2. Confirmation

Your volunteering officer will get back to you. Together you define your mission and discuss your motivations and the terms and conditions of your departure. Your employer approves your assignment.

 3. Validation

Your mission is validated by the local partner.

 4. Preparing for departure

The pre-departure training is entirely online, and then you are put in touch with the partner for the start of the assignment.