The Planète Urgence delegation in Ecuador

Present in Ecuador and based in Quito since 2019, our national delegation is currently led by Sahira Ochoa, assisted by a colleague. Although Ecuador is home to more than 18,000 plant species and no less than 20% of the world’s bird diversity, this wealth is now under serious threat from massive deforestation. To tackle this challenge, the national delegation is working with our local partners, in particular through the deployment of our volunteer schemes, and has welcomed more than 205 volunteers since 2015. The Delegation is also supporting the roll-out of volunteering in Peru.

Nos projets locaux

CUISCAF project | Sustainable shade-grown coffee production

Coffee under the canopy

To preserve the forests and biodiversity while supporting the farmers of the Cuispes community by introducing quality coffee grown in agroforestry in order to offer a sustainable alternative to extensive farming and livestock rearing, while helping to improve incomes.

Planète Urgence wanted to gain a better understanding of the priorities for intervention in Ecuador’s forests. The NGO therefore worked with the CIFOR-ICRAF network of researchers to cross-reference all the data on deforestation, climate change and biodiversity with data linked to the precariousness of communities via the CIFOR-ICRAF ‘Resilient Landscapes’ team. A goldmine for putting our energies to work for the benefit of living things.

Le volontariat en Equateur

Planète Urgence works to promote international solidarity and build the capacity of local actors in Ecuador.

It offers a range of missions, from adult education to forest and biodiversity conservation. This is particularly the case with the Sumac Muyu Foundation, based in the upper Amazon, which has been hosting volunteers from the association since 2015 :

“The Foundation is located on part of the upper Amazon and our aim is to conserve this beautiful forest and its biodiversity currently in serious danger. Volunteers from Planète Urgence help us to collect data, analyse and count species. All of this reflects the health of the ecosystem and enables us to take the right conservation action”

Thierry GARCIA, Director of the Sumac Muyu Foundation


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Mission Equateur juillet 2021


Are you an Ecuadorian organisation in need of volunteers to strengthen the skills of your beneficiaries? Would you like more information about Planète Urgence’s actions, and in particular its forest preservation projects in Ecuador?

The office is located in Diego de Robles y Pampite Esquina, Cumbayá, Ecuador – (Co working Impaqto)

Contact Sahira, the National Delegate