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Sustainable restoration of degraded mangroves, economic resilience and food security

Project MOSOTRY – Madagascar

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Mangroves are home to many marine species (crabs, prawns, etc.) and protect vulnerable coastlines from storms and erosion. They also play an important economic role. Today, these mangrove forests are over-exploited for wood energy (charcoal and firewood), timber, but above all for the expansion of agriculture: denuded land is transformed into rice paddies and farmland.

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The mangroves along the coast of the Analalava rural district are exploited for charcoal production and as timber. This irrational over-exploitation is damaging the reproductive balance of crustaceans and, more generally, of local biodiversity.

In addition, the adoption of inappropriate fishing techniques has led to a significant decline in fish stocks. Furthermore, being far from the major towns, fishermen are forced to comply with the prices set by collectors, which are often very low compared with the effort and fishing time they allocate.


To sustainably restore mangroves and support the development of local economic sectors, in order to tackle the problem of food insecurity in fishing communities linked to the destruction of mangroves.

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Key figures

Since 2022, the programme has been :

150 000
planted mangroves

hectares reforested

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« There are no bees left in the region due to the retreat of the forests, and pollination on plantations is increasingly poor. We need support to develop beekeeping and reforestation. Planète Urgence is here to support us »

Mr Armand, beneficiary of the MOSOTRY project

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