• 1 Application

    Find a mission and apply by filling out a short first contact form.

  • 2 Confirmation

    Your support coordinator will get back to you. You will define your mission together: mission dates, cover letter, etc.

  • 3 Validation

    If the local partner validates your mission, you will undertake the departure procedures: plane, visa and vaccination.
  • 4 Preparation to the Departure

    Mandatory 2-day training session (2 training sessions per month). Then departure on mission!


Doing a Solidarity Mission

The Solidarity Mission (personally-funded volunteer assignment) system developed by Planète Urgence enables anyone wanting to share their skills to go on an international solidarity assignment lasting between two weeks and four months.

A mission with Planète Urgence is:

  • The assurance of being useful: an impact in line with an expressed need
  • A preparation for departure and a secure support throughout the mission
  • A unique human and cultural experience

“Going on a mission with Planète Urgence is a guarantee of quality and safety. I left 5 times and I’m not going to stop there. “

Amandine, volunteer in Benin

Funding the mission

Volunteers must organize funding for their assignment by appealing to the generosity of their family and friends. Donations are tax-deductible up to 66% for individuals.

The cost for a 2-week mission?




Why do I have to pay for my mission?

Planète Urgence made the choice to join forces with small organizations, which do not have the financial means to remunerate their volunteers but which have a real need for support and therefore decide to support associations with very limited means.


Furthermore, there is no public or institutional funding to encourage the development of short-term international volunteering on the subject of vocational training or the sharing of skills. This is why Planète Urgence asks volunteers for Solidarity Missions to contribute to the costs of the mission.


The mission donation is based on a notion of solidarity. It does not correspond to the actual amount of the cost of the chosen mission but It was calculated on the basis of the average cost of our Solidarity Mission and Congé Solidaire® missions. The cost of the missions arises from a balance between these two sources of funding.

Cost of a Solidarity Mission for the volunteer

Each mission corresponds to a unique cost* which varies according to the device and the duration. For all missions, transport to and from the airport, transport to the mission location, accommodation and training costs are included in the mission costs.

  • 2 weeks

    1850 euros, so 629 euros after the tax deduction

  • 3 weeks

    2120 euros, so 721 euros after the tax deduction

  • 1 month

    2390 euros, so 813 euros after the tax deduction

  • 2 months

    2850 euros, so 969 euros after the tax deduction
  • 3 months

    3050 euros, so 1037 after the tax deduction
  • 4 months

    3250 euros so 1105 euros after the tax deduction


*The donation does not include the plane ticket, any vaccines, any visa. From 1 month, the format changes. Planète Urgence made the choice to not include food because it can vary significantly from one country to another. This also gives the choice to the volunteers to decide what they eat.



Tax deduction

Planète Urgence is an association of general interest. As such, all donations of missions open the right to tax exemption. Donations are deducted from the amount of income tax at 66% for individuals and for taxable persons up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. Find out more about tax receipts.


Funding assistance

Planète Urgence supports its volunteers in the search for funding so that the missions are open to all of us. Contact us to get it.

Planète Urgence is associated with the fundraising site to enable volunteers to mobilize those around them. Donors will benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the amount of their donation.