Training on database management in Dehradun

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Training on database management in Dehradun

Establishment of an efficient database and train PRAGATI team to use it


To improve the current database used by PRAGATI staff through the development of an efficient database from the existing one and training to the staff on how to use, maintain and update it in an efficient manner.
The staff should also learn to use the data from the database for reporting, presentation and highlighting of their achievements / successes (graph, diagrams, etc.) and to make a better follow-up of their beneficiaries.
This will help them in their daily work and improve their work in a general manner.
PRAGATI supports approximately 6500 women in different states (Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Haryana) via many different activities and programs; which make the recording process difficult but really important.
Currently, PRAGATI database is in a very raw format which has not been developed by professionals. Therefore, issues related to updating, uniformity and minimization of errors need to be addressed. PRAGATI also realized that there is an emergent need to make the database more useful and user-friendly if they want to make an efficient utilization of it and work in a more productive manner (develop, fill, update, correction of errors).

Intervention attendue du volontaire

The intervention of the volunteer will be divided in two parts:
• Improvement of the database:
- Analysis of the current database;
- Submission of suggestions of improvement to the team;
- Application and test with the team; - New database launching;
- Integration of the database on internal network.

• Training to use the new database:
- Basic use of the database (maintaining and updating);
- Production of tools from the database for reporting and presentation.


The volunteer should have a very good knowledge in Excel and be used to work on Excel database.

The volunteer may start his/her training from 11:00 until 17:00 with one hour lunch break in between; from Monday to Friday. The mission site and stay of accommodation is within PRAGATI office Campus, so the volunteer will not have to worry about his/her travel each day. All the meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening tea) will be provided in the mess (called the cooperative kitchen) within the office campus along with staff members. The mission can happen anytime of the year except during the festival of lights Diwali, in October.

Type de bénéficiaires

The training will be organized for the staffs of the organization

Profil des bénéficiaires

The mission is organized for the 11 staff of PRAGATI (all women). They are between 20 and 40 years old. - Ms. Damini Bhargav, MA Economics, Master Trainer (Gender Issues) ;
- Ms. Pushpa Bisht, MA (Sociology), Trainer (Livelihood) ;
- Ms. Rekha Dhyani, M.A Hindi, Writer (I.E.C Unit);
- Ms. Pratima, MA Sociology, Trainer (Education) ;
- Ms. Ranjana Sharma, M.A English, Trainer (Education);
- Ms. Mamta, BA LL.B (Bachelor Degree of laws), LLM (Master Degree in Laws), Legal Trainer, Education and, Social justice;
- Ms. Shweta Gulati, MA Economics, Reporting and Documentation;
- Ms. Dolly Joshi, BA.LLB, LLM (Human Rights), Legal Trainer;
- Kala Bharti, MA Sociology, Field Facilitator ; - Pyardai, MA Sociology, Field Facilitator ;
- Guddi, B.A (Hindi Literature), Field Facilitator.

Almost all the participants hold Master’s degrees in their respective fields. They can read and speak in English. They have not received any training in the field of use of IT.

Dispositif(s) possible(s)

Congé Solidaire

Notre partenaire local

Panchayati Rule And Gender Awareness Training Institute (PRAGATI)


PRAGATI was carved out of a renowned NGO ‘Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK)’ on 10th February 2000. It was founded by a group of passionate, dynamic women who operate the organization with belief in the Democratic Principle “By the women, for the women and of the women” to attain gender equity in local governance in the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand and Haryana.

The organization comprises only women working for the upliftment of women. The management board also consists of women. These women are drawn from diverse fields and have a wide range of experiences in the fields of rural development, management, community mobilization, gender, law, governance, monitoring and evaluation.

PRAGATI was created to achieve the Vision to build a gender just society and to accomplish the mission to enhance the status of women in social, economic and political spheres.
PRAGATI focuses on providing a support system to deliver good governance and capacitate women - the need of the hour of rural, poverty ridden, unreached, vulnerable people.
As a Resource Centre, building innovative strategies and practices to broaden the women political education, vision and skills through capacity building, advocacy & lobbying, trainings, exposure, networking with emphasis on exclusive training for women representatives is central to PRAGATI.

Since its creation, PRAGATI has run more that 25 projects, such as:
- Legal Awareness Camp to make women aware of their legal rights;
- Women’s Empowerment Program through Self Help Groups;
- Augmenting Gender Equity in Local Governance through Transformative Women’s Leadership and Citizenship;
- Mobilization and formation of 180 SHGs.
- Training of Trainers for Village Resource Management Committees.

PRAGATI is involved in pre-, during- and post-election training of elected women functionaries of local self governance; and is in the second half of 2014, in the process to run four legal awareness programs.

Lack of legal literacy is not just an impediment to individual dreams but to the effective functioning of the democracy. The issues of gender and poverty increase this problem manifold. In India’s context as the population nears the 1 billion mark and with issues of poverty and social inequities becoming larger, it is time to face the challenges.

PRAGATI believes that legal literacy is the key to the all round development of the country. There is an emergent need to generate legal literacy amongst the masses especially amongst the disadvantaged sections of the society. Women, due to their low levels of literacy, are susceptible to injustices.
With the aim to impart practical knowledge about the basic legal rights and remedies provided under various women-related laws, thereby making them fit to face the challenges in real life situations, the four legal awareness programs are ran by PRAGATI, with the support of National Commission for Women, in the districts of Haridwar (blocks Bahadrabad and Luxar) and Dehradun (blocks Raipur and Sahaspur) of Uttarakhand. In order to seek justice for all, safeguard rights and promote legal empowerment of the society there, emerges a need for making the local populace legally aware about their rights and entitlements.

PRAGATI also acts as resource agency in various projects of RLEK.

Via its activities PRAGATI supports approximately 6,500 women. These women are belonging to marginalized communities living below the poverty line, Self Help Groups women and elected women functionaries from entire state of Uttarakhand.

PRAGATI’s activities are funded by different Ministries and Government departments such as Ministry of Minority Affairs, National Commission For Women etc. to name a few.

PRAGATI works in the rural parts of India and concentrates its activities in the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

PRAGATI employs 11 staff and gets support from 20 local volunteers. PRAGATI also has more than 40 interns coming each month from various universities of India and abroad. Their work is equivalent to 10 full time employees.

Accueil et transfert

PRAGATI’s vehicle will receive the volunteer from Dehradun airport and bring him/her to the office campus where he/she will be staying in PRAGATI fully furnished guestrooms. It takes around 45 minutes from the Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport to accommodation site.

Aéroport d'arrivée



The volunteer has the possibility to stay in PRAGATI’s guestrooms. He/she/they will be provided with a separate room with A.C. and attached bathroom within the RLEK Campus. Each guestroom is modestly furnished with a double bed, a study table and a chair and T.V.

Matériel disponible sur place

The mission will be carried out in PRAGATI/RLEK office campus. The office campus is fully equipped with all the facilities such as whiteboard, paperboard, computers with Wi-Fi connection, video projector etc. The volunteer will be allowed to use all the above mentioned material, if he/she needs any other assistance within our capacity will be provided to the volunteer. PRAGATI will hire 2 computers from outside and arrange rest of 13 computers from RLEK and State Resource Center for Adult Education, Uttarakhand. Windows 7, Windows XP Service pack 2 and 3 MS version are installed in the computers.

Le financement d’une mission

Pourquoi payer pour partir en mission ?

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Par ailleurs, il n’existe pas de financements publics ou institutionnels pour encourager le développement du volontariat international de courte durée sur le thème de la formation professionnelle ou du partage de compétences. C’est pourquoi Planète Urgence demande aux entreprises dans le cadre du Congé Solidaire® et aux volontaires pour les Missions Solidaires de participer aux frais de la mission.


Notre Principe de solidarité

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Le don ne comprend pas :
– le billet d’avion (dans le cadre d’un Congé Solidaire®, certains employeurs peuvent assumer également le coût)
– les vaccins éventuels,
– le visa éventuel

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Je postule


Partenaire : Panchayati Rule And Gender Awareness Training Institute (PRAGATI)

Inde, Dehradun

GPS : lat 30.3164945
lon 78.03219179999996

Langues :



Thématique : Développement

Type d'intervention : Formation pour adultes

Compétences : Informatique

Nombre attendu de volontaire(s) sur la mission : de 1 à 2 volontaires

Durée : 2 semaines

Dates :

📅 01-01-2019 au 31-12-2019

mission disponible toute l'année