Sales technics and strategy training for NatureWild’s teams

Sales technics and strategy training for NatureWild’s teams

The volunteer will be in charge of designing and implementing a training on sales techniques and strategy while supporting the team into the implementation of the firsts steps of the plan of action.


Founded by NTFP-EP Cambodia in 2010, NatureWild is linking community producers committed to our harvesting protocols program

NatureWild’s mission is to engage the consumerism society towards sustainable products benefiting the local communities and protecting the forest as well as the wild bees.

Covid-19 situation has led to a dramatic decline in sales and severely impacted the income generation of the rural forest- dependent communities.

NatureWild’s team needs to improve its business development strategy to face the situation.
There is no sales officer and the team needs a training as they don’t’ have the business development skills needed to efficiently re-start and develop their sales activities.

This mission’s objective is to support the local employees with a need-based training on how to efficiently develop their business and improve their sales.

This intervention might need several missions before the objective is completed and will be followed by business development and operation planning missions.

Intervention attendue du volontaire

Providing technical support for designing sales strategy and the business development plan, the volunteer intervention must cover those topics:
Sales strategies and techniques
• Analysis of NatureWild team’s capacities and needs in sales
• Based on the first analysis outcomes, design a training for the team on sales strategies and techniques. The following topics must be covered:
o sales behaviors towards clients and prospects
o proactive approaches
o customer service and customer loyalty
o design sales strategy
• Under the supervision of the trainer, a sales strategy plan will be designed throughout the training including a practical action plan for the team to follow during and after the mission.
• The trainer would support the team into implementing the first steps of the action plan.
Considering the staff’s low level of skills in sales, the training must be very interactive, adopting a practical approach in order to facilitate the staff’s understanding and application to NatureWild’s activities.


Training location: NatureWild or NFTP-EP’s office

Volunteer will travel every day in Tuk tuk or walking from hotel to office, which takes approx. 10-15min

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be taken in hotel or restaurants nearby.

Type de bénéficiaires

NatureWild staff

Profil des bénéficiaires

Bachelor to Master.

Participants English Level is limited to high proficiency; all participants speak native Khmer.
All participants are beginners or intermediate in sales and Business Development

Dispositif(s) possible(s)

Congé Solidaire;Mission Solidaire

Motivation attendue

The volunteer must be self-motivated and adaptable. She/he can adjusts the training program and approach as he/she sees fit according to the circumstances.

Notre partenaire local



Fondée par l’ONG Internationale Non-Timber Forest Product Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) en 2010, NatureWild est une entreprise sociale faisant la promotion de produits issus des forêts autres que le bois tels que leur produit phare le miel sauvage des provinces de l’Est du Cambodge. Naturewild travaille avec les communautés vivant dans les zones forestières soutenant leur développement ainsi que la protection de leur environnement.

La mission de NatureWild est d’identifier les communautés qui mettent en œuvre les pratiques durables de protection des forêts et des abeilles et de les mettre en valeur sur le marché pour développer leurs revenus. NatureWild met en relation les producteurs de leur réseau qui adoptent leur protocole de production avec le consommateur final.

Accueil et transfert

The volunteer will be welcomed by a member of NatureWild’s team and will be transported to a hotel by car.

Aéroport d’arrivée

Phnom Penh


The volunteer will be staying at a Hotel near NatureWild’s office (individual private room, with key-lock, private bathroom)

Matériel disponible sur place

It is required that the volunteer have his own laptop. Acces to communication tools such as Zoom, Telegram, Facebook, Google meet, Microsoft Team.

The volunteer will also have access to their own desk at Naturewild or NFTP-EP’s offices.

Je postule

Je postule


Partenaire : NatureWild

C, Phnom Penh

GPS : lat

Langues :


Thématique : Entreprenariat Social

Type d’intervention : Formation pour adultes

Compétences : Commerce

Nombre attendu de volontaire(s) sur la mission : 1

Durée : 2 semaines

Mission disponible toute l’année

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