Training on Financial Management

AMAN Kaltim has a big goal to empower the indigenous groups of people in East Kalimantan Province as part of the empowerment of indigenous people throughout the country. AMAN Kaltim is member of the national network, but by management, including the financial management they are independent.
AMAN Kaltim is currently implementing a community empowerment projects for the indigenous groups of people in seven villages in two provinces sponsored by the Asia Foundation. The project location is very far from the head office, so the staffs in the field need to do financial reporting (in simple way) and then submit it to the Finance Department at the Head Office in Samarinda. In addition, AMAN Kaltim has also other funding sources for the daily operations but only in a small amount.
The financial management for the project and organization is controlled by the head office in Samarinda City, and the financial reports of the activities in the project site are prepared by the field staffs. The financial reporting is done by using the system provided by donor.
For the financial reporting of the project, in general they could make it but for the overall organization's financial management, they need to learn. The things that need to be learned include organizational financial planning, cash flow management, budget control, developing organizational SOP of financial procedures.
In East Kalimantan, AMAN Kaltim institution has a special position because they have a high concern and commitment to empower indigenous groups which have been positioned as marginalized groups. Organizational capacity building is crucial to provide the ability to manage issues and execute programs in the field that are increasingly complex.
AMAN Kaltim has the potential to work with several donor agencies in the future, so that financial management will be more complex. To anticipate this, the mission on training on financial management becomes very important.
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The mission should cover the main topics of assisting the AMAN staffs in understanding the organization’s financial management. The content of mission is expected to cover:
• Budget planning: How to plan the organization budget, how to forecast the income, to plan the expenditure and expenses, and to calculate the surplus and deficit.
• Accounting and cash management: the staffs will learn on how to use basic account format and to learn on how to manage the organization cash flow, or project cash flow.
• Financial controlling: the director and the finance organization manager will learn some technical skills on ratio analysis, financial forecasting, and cost and profit control, etc.
• To develop/to improve the financial procedures.

The training method will be preferably interactive by using the adult education approach. The existing experience of the participants will be used to develop the training materials. Sharing experience, discussion, and other participatory method are encouraged to be used.
The training schedule will be flexible but, in general can be conducted during office hour.
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AMAN Kaltim will organize the volunteer mission by arranging the place to stay, the transportation, the training organization, and the food for the volunteer.
P The accommodation of the volunteer is in a guest house near the AMAN office.
P AMAN Kaltim will organize to pick up and drop the volunteer from/to the Guest House and the AMAN Kaltim Office by using motorcycle (with helmet). When the day is raining AMAN Kaltim will hire a taxi. In general transportation in the city is quite easy.
P The breakfast will be organized by AMAN Kaltim in the guest house. AMAN Kaltim could provide bread with jams, fruit, or some snack with drink tea or coffee (an electric pot and toaster will be provided). The lunch will be organized by AMAN Kaltim. For the dinner, AMAN staff will show the recommended places to eat nearby the Guest House. Samarinda is quite safe. If possible, a staff will accompany the volunteer to have dinner.
P The training will be conducted in the morning and in the afternoon (tentative daily schedule: 9:30-12.30 (training session), 12:30 – 14:00 (break), and then 14:30 – 16:00 (training session). The schedule will be discussed between the volunteer with the participants.
P The mission will be conducted in two weeks (Monday to Friday, a half-day in Saturday, and Sunday is free day.
P During the free day, AMAN Kaltim staff (in coordination with Planète Urgence) could organize a city tour or visit a cultural village. The volunteer will pay the transportation cost (if applicable).
P Due to the participants don’t speak English or only speak very Basic English; a translator will be assigned to translate the session of the training.
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The participants are women and men, with the age between 25 to 45 years old. The position of the participants are;
• The NGO Director
• Program staffs
• Finance Manager
• Finance staff
The definitive participants will be informed when there is a volunteer application and AMAN validates the mission.
Most of them are graduated from a college/university; and one or two are still studying in a university.
Some participants have receive basic training on financial management (facilitated by sponsor), and some never receive similar training.
In general the participants have basic knowledge on financial management.
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Congé solidaire
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AMAN Kaltim stands for Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara, East Kalimantan Province. Nusantara is another name of Indonesia. In their profile, customary community refers to indigenous community or indigenous group of people who live in particular area for generations and maintain their traditional and cultural life. AMAN Kaltim (AMAN East Kalimantan, or shortly as AMAN) was founded in 2011 and was initiated by indigenous people rights activists in East Kalimantan (Ms. Margaretha Seting, Abriyanto Amin, and some other local figures). AMAN Kaltim is a member of the National Alliance of AMAN. The National Alliance of AMAN formally was established in 2001 after some years of discussion, meeting, and conferences among the indigenous communities throughout the country. The founder of the AMAN Kaltim was part of the preparation of National AMAN establishment. Aside from AMAN Kaltim, there are other 32 provincial level alliances from AMAN from other provinces in Indonesia as members of the National Alliance. As an organization at the provincial level, the management of AMAN Kaltim is independent, but they always communicate and coordinate with the National / Central AMAN. National AMAN shares information of the opportunities of program implementation, but in the project development, negotiation with donor, and implementation will be the responsibility of the local or provincial level is independent. AMAN Kaltim is located in Samarinda, the Capital City of East Kalimantan Province with the program areas cover throughout the province, and even outside the province. Currently AMAN Kaltim is only able to reach 5 out of 10 districts in East Kalimantan Province. AMAN Kaltim is currently assisting 68 indigenous community groups in 5 districts, in East Kalimantan Province. The districts include: Kutai Kartanegara, Kutai Barat, Mahakam Hulu, Passer, and Kutai Timur Districts. The cultural roots of these indigenous peoples are indigenous in East Kalimantan i.e. Dayak (with several sub-ethnic), Kutai, Paser, Tana Tidung, etc. The main activities carried out by AMAN Kaltim refer to the central AMAN activities, which include: 1. Advocacy on Human and Political Rights a. Encouraging the policy changes in laws, regulations, and agreements to recognize and to protect the rights of indigenous people. b. Provide assistance to local cases of the indigenous communities of AMAN members who experience conflicts over their customary rights c. Encourage the political participation of the indigenous people. 2. Strengthening Organizations and Institutions: Strengthen organizational management and operational capacity and capacity of AMAN members and local cadres. 3. Community Service and Support Mapping the area of living of indigenous people; strengthening community economics, conserving local cultures, developing education, developing indigenous people forestry programs, and other areas needed by indigenous people. In the implementation at the provincial levels, the program may vary according to local conditions, but indigenous peoples' empowerment becomes a central point of activity. Currently AMAN Kaltim is working with The Asia Foundation to implement programs of indigenous people empowerment in 7 locations/villages in two provinces (East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan Provinces). The program aims to improve the capacity of indigenous people in the assisted areas in obtaining civil rights to improve their quality of life. Activities can be grouped into 3 group of activities: 1. Local policy advocacy through identification of problems faced by the indigenous people to be consulted with local government. 2. Economic empowerment of the indigenous people groups, through local resource management activities for women and youth groups. AMAN Kaltim accompanied the women groups to make handicrafts from rattan and pandanus leaves, and accompanying youth to plan the management of ecotourism in customary forest. 3. Revitalizing local culture. Accompanying indigenous groups to preserve local culture and apply in daily life. AMAN Kaltim as the assisting NGO has limited capacity, while the objectives to be achieved are quite large. They lack of capacity because they come from local communities with little experience in organizational management. AMAN Kaltim Executive Staff generally have sufficient formal education but the "stigma" from the community that putting the indigenous people as marginalized groups makes them feels less confident. AMAN Kaltim is managed based on the understanding and daily experience of the executive staffs and for the time being does not have a good foundation of organizational management. Likewise, the financial management of AMAN Kaltim basically follows the financial systems developed by the donor organization. AMAN has 2 two finance staff (one is a university graduate from the Faculty of Economy, and the other one is still studying in a university. They have enough basic knowledge on financial management, but the feel they need to improve their capacity especially to manage, to plan and control the organization’s finance.
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When the volunteer arrives in Balikpapan in the morning, he/she can proceed to Samarinda City by shuttle bus. If the volunteer arrives in the afternoon, he/she will stay overnight in Balikpapan. A room will be booked at Hakaya hotel (located near the Airport). PU Indonesia will arrange the hotel and the airport transfer. The next day, the volunteer will proceed to Samarinda, 3 hours by shuttle bus. We will send information clearly how to go to Samarinda by shuttle bus. PU staff and AMAN staff will pick up the volunteer in Samarinda Shuttle Bus Station. After arrive in Samarinda, the volunteer will meet Planète Urgence Indonesia and AMAN Kaltim for briefing session. Then AMAN Kaltim will host and organize the volunteer mission, including how to go to and where to stay.
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Balikpapan [Sepinggan]
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Transit in Balikpapan City will be in Hakaya Plaza Hotel ( In Samarinda, the volunteer will stay in a guest house close to the mission site (AMAN Kaltim office). It is a private standard room with clean condition. Meal during the mission will be organized by AMAN Kaltim. The staple food of Indonesian is rice with the dishes of chicken, fish, and sometimes beef. Most Indonesian also likes to eat vegetable. Indonesian used a lot of spices for cooking. For the volunteer, the host will provide less spicy food. If the volunteer miss European food, we can find one in some restaurant in Samarinda. The transportation from the hotel to the mission site will be organized by AMAN, by using motorcycle with helmet. A staff or trusted person will be assigned to pick up and send off. The volunteer is not allowed to drive by him/herself. AMAN will prioritize the safety of the transportation. When the day is raining, AMAN will organize to hire taxi.
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The mission will be conducted in AMAN Kaltim office in Samarinda. Usually they will have a meeting or training where the participants sit on mat on the floor in the office. A desk and table will be provided for the volunteer (to put LCD projector and training materials) The material available for the training/mission: whiteboard and board marker, electricity, internet connection (by using Wi-Fi in the office, and SIM Card outside the office), LCD projector. The volunteer is suggested to bring his/her own laptop computer.
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