Training on Communication Strategy to Improve the Visibility of YASANTI

Training in communication strategy for YASANTI Staff is aimed to improve the capacity of staffs in communicating the organization’s activities and experiences to make the organization become more visible.
The training will cover :
- The principle of communication;
- Components of good communication strategy for a social organization;
- Steps in building communication;
- How to design a successful message;
- the main communication channels;
- and the use of ICT (information communication technology) such as internet, social media for an effective communication.

The participants of the mission are the YASANTI staff, but there will be special session to the staffs that are in charge of publication and communication department.

YASANTI has quite a lot of experience in working on women empowerment issue in Special Province of Yogyakarta and Central Java Province. The activities carried out by YASANTI include the education of women's groups, skills capacity building various fields, and advocacy activities to promote women's rights. The activities carried out in the field with the community, women's groups, and with the government institutions have been carried out a lot but the experience has not been communicated effectively. YASANTI staffs are quite busy in the field but lack in documenting and communicating the activities.
In the era of communication like today, an organization is required to be creative in promotion so that useful activities can be better acknowledged and in turn could raise supports.
YASANTI is aware that in a fast-paced era, the staffs need to be able to communicate creatively, and this is necessary for all staffs. For this reason, the training on communication strategies is very important.
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The volunteer mission should help YASANTI in answering these questions:
• Why do we need to communicate?
• What constitutes a good communication strategy for a social organization?
• What are the steps to be taken before starting?
• How to design a successful message?
• What are the main communication channels?
• How to use ICT (information communication technology) such as internet, social media for an effective communication.
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The volunteer should have educational background or professional experiences in communication strategy. Experience in working with social organization will be an advantage.
Yogyakarta is a hot city (temperature), so we suggest the volunteer to bring light clothes. The casual clothes are accepted. In general, there are two seasons in a year rainy season (October - April) and dry season (May to September).
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High school to university
The age range is between 25 - 45 years old.
Some of them know internet and social media (facebook, instagram), but some only know little. Most of them use smart phones (android)
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They never participate in a specific training on communication strategy. They in general use the social media by self learning
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Congé Solidaire;Mission Solidaire
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YASANTI is a non-governmental organization founded in 1982 in Yogyakarta with the aim of empowering women's groups, especially women workers, to obtain better political, economic and socio-cultural rights. YASANTI was founded by 6 women activists from several universities in Yogyakarta who were concerned about the conditions of women workers who did not get decent civil rights as citizens. The group of workers who were assisted initially was informal women workers, especially women porters in traditional markets. The assistance was then extended to women who worked at home (domestic workers), then women industrial workers. Activities carried out by YASANTI include: - Organizing groups of women workers - Awareness raising on social, political and economic rights for women workers - Technical assistance for the women porters in traditional market, domestic workers (women working at home), and industrial labor women. - Strengthening capacity through education and training - Advocacy through dialogue and lobbying to government and legislative institutions - Documentation, publications and campaigns on women's rights - Network development - Economic empowerment programs YASANTI currently has 10 executive staff, all are women, led by Director Ms. Amin Muftiyanah, a senior woman activist in Yogyakarta. YASANTI is currently implementing women empowerment program in 6 municipal districts in 2 provinces, namely Yogyakarta and Central Java with the funding support from MAMPU Project (AusAID). YASANTI already has its own representative office in the city of Yogyakarta, and also has a training center that can be used for the training for the community group. The activities have been promoted through the web and also social media, but have not been managed properly. The updates of the information are not done regularly so that the visibility of the organization is still lacking. With the development of information technology in various fields, YASANTI wants to increase the capacity of staff and organizations to communicate on organizational activities so that YASANTI is more visible.
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The closest airport to the Mission site is Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta City (IATA code: JOG). Yogyakarta is about 1 hour flight from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Adisutjipto Airport is an international airport, and it is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia. YASANTI will assign someone to pick up the volunteer in Adisutjipto Airport Yogyakarta. The volunteer is requested to send the flight detail. It is expected the volunteer arrives one day before the mission starts (usually on Sunday – Day 0), and depart one day after the mission completed (usually on Saturday – Day 13) except the volunteer want to stay longer on his/her own expenses.
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Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta City (JOG)
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Volunteer will stay in the guest house in the YASANTI office compound. The guesthouse is connected to the training venue, so the transportation is not needed. Meal during the Training session will be organized by YASANTI, and for dinner or during holiday the volunteer will have in the restaurant nearby. The YASANTI staff will assist. For the local transport for personal purpose, the volunteer could use TAXI, or more popularly online taxi (via “Gojek” or “Grab” applications). The mission will be conducted in Yogyakarta City. In general the organization of the mission is as follow:  The mission/training will be conducted in the YASANTI Office where standard training equipments are available.  In the Day 1 and 2, the volunteer will discuss with YASANTI to deepen the needs of the organization and staffs on what capacity they want to improve on communication strategy  The training will be 5 days each (Mon – Fri). The time will be discussed later, at least 3 to 4 hours meeting each day.  The training will be conducted in informal situation.  In order to give a more knowledge to the volunteer about the nature of YASANTI work -if possible - there will be a community visit around Yogyakarta.  Saturday and Sunday are free days, and the volunteer could explore the beauty of Yogyakarta City by her/his own expenses. The YASANTI staff will assist how to go and where to go. Most of the participants don’t speak English well (they only speak very basic English); therefore, a translator (local student volunteer) will be assigned for this mission. Yogyakarta is a hot city (temperature), so we suggest the volunteer to bring light clothes. The casual clothes are accepted. In general, there are two seasons in a year rainy season (October - April) and dry season (May to September).
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