Advance training in stitching

The stitching trainer get a training a long time ago and is doing this work more by passion.
She also needs to increase her skills and so be able to train and support the actual women part of the project and the future ones.

By increasing the quality of the products CYF hopes to increase their sales which will be benefit for the women and for the organization to invest in machines, buy more fabric and accessories and in the future open a shop.

In August 2014, two volunteers have developed a collection of products in Dhaka (local fabric) and synthetic leather:
- Mac book case ;
- i-pad case ;
- travelling bag ;
- tote bag ;
- passport case ;
- purse.
CYF is exporting these products and the quality has to be really high.

The volunteer gave them tips to improve their stitching techniques, however the women still do have quality issues.
The quality of these products could be therefore improved by a proper training in this matter.

From the profit of the sales of these new products, CYF has invested in two new electrical sewing machines. The women are not use to work in this type of machine and do not know all the possibility that it offer them.
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CYF is looking for a volunteer to build the capacity of the women and their trainer in stitching with a global approach:
- Different hands/mechanical machine points,
- Work on electrical machine and it options,
- Type of point according to the fabric,
- Make patterns,
- Quality control,
- Cutting,

CYF also would like the volunteer to help the trainer to create a training book for the actual producers and the future women who could be part of the production.

After this mission CYF hope the women and their trainer will make higher quality product and have better skills in stitching to diversify their production (example: curtain, cushion, school uniform...).

The first volunteer will have to evaluate the actual level of the trainer and the women and start to create a book of all the technique they already practising and the new ones.
Few volunteers might be required.
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Children and Youth First would like a professional in stitching or someone with high skills in stitching, able to train the women and their trainer in a pedagogic way and on mechanic and electrical machines.

Volunteer will work in the “workshop” in CYF office in Sanepa, Lalitpur.
5/6 women are working from Saturday to Wednesday (5 days a week) in office, 6 hours a day. 8/9 are working from home.

For the training all the women interested by the training will be in office to attend the training.

The trainer is available 5 days a week too, 7 hours a day. Saturday from 10m to 4pm and the other days from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

The mission can happen anytime except during special celebrations and public holiday (in October, weeks 41, 42 and in November, week 45).

The volunteer will have lunch at CYF office with the staff and the women and other meals will be taken at the guest house or in restaurants. CYF office is at walking distance from the guest house.
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Stitching trainer and women involved in production
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This mission is organised for the stitching trainer of CYF and for the 14 women part of the production (some are the children’s mother supported by CYF’s school). 5 direct beneficiaries, 14 indirect beneficiaries (potentially part of the training).

They can understand English but for the training CYF will ask a local volunteer to help for the translation if needed.

They have a school lever equivalent to middle school, under SLC (équivalent Seconde).

They would like to take part of the training to increase their stitching skills, improve the quality of the products and so increase their income.
In the future they could be able to open their own shop or to find a job in a factory.
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Congé Solidaire;Mission Solidaire
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Children and Youth First (CYF) was created in 2009 by Haushala Thapa at the age of 21 when she found the need to give chidren the access to education. Haushala Thapa first got involved in social work field when she participated and led a campaign at the age of 15 against eve teasing and harassment towards girls, a project that was then run by SAVE THE CHILDREN UK. Then after a year she got the opportunity to work with street children and create a drama along with the street children in 2002. She then completed her bachelor’s degree in social work from Nepal and also worked with the government of Nepal under the Central Child Welfare Board for the lost and found children department as a project manager for a year. CYF was created when Haushala rescued 14 children from an orphanage that was keeping the children in the worst condition, for the benefit of the manager. CYF addresses issues that are directly related to children, families and women who have minimal access to education and are economically challenged. To work with these issues, the organisation has a school based in Kausaltar Bhaktapur called “LIFE VISION ACADEMY” that helps to educate children from economically challenged families or broken homes with abusive parents, by providing them hostel facility. The school also provides education to children who come from families that cannot bear the minimal cost for their education, by helping to sustain the school’s expenditure. CYF helps to provide quality education to these children, with the use of practical tools for education and child-teacher participation. Beneficiary children are either identified by CYF or referred to the organisation by local organisations or friends as needing immediate attention. During the identification process, CYF interviews the child’s responsible guardian, collects their history and problem of why the organisation needs to support the child. They collect information of the child as well on his/her medical conditions, if he/she has been abused physically or sexually. Then the guardians, who are the blood related relatives or single parents sign a responsibility agreement where they must visit their child once a month and support their child’s education by buying stationeries’ or anything that a child would need in school. CYF does this in order to create a sense of responsibility and attachment with the child. CYF’s work is to support the child for education that is not just based on text books but also practical, at the same time the organisation makes sure their guardians are working and raising their living standards. The beneficiary children mainly come from remote areas of Nepal, mostly from the Sindhupalchowk and Solukhumbu area. To date, CYF provides education to 32 underprivileged children through hostel facility and has also been able to set up a skill training space for the children’s mothers and women who want to work. CYF currently works on enhancing and bringing quality to the education it has been providing to the children, working on “how” to teach children practically and not just via their books. Another activity is the skill training project which was started in January 2013: CYF provides knitting, craft making and stitching training to mainly mothers of the children supported by the organisation and to women/youth, who come from economically challenged backgrounds. CYF currently has 2 trainers for knitting and stitching and 8 to 15 women are trained in a month. CYF currently supports directly and indirectly 60 people (children, women and teachers). Activities are funded with the help of friends and family living in the United Kingdom, United States and via a branch organisation that has been setup in Austria. Friends and family help the organisation by sponsoring a child or by helping to buy materials needed for the school and CYF also supports activities by organising various fundraising events in Kathmandu and abroad. Recently CYF has also been able to support some activities by the sales of handmade products.
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The volunteer will be welcome at the airport by a staff of CYF.
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Kathmandu [Tribhuvan]
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The volunteer will stay in a Guest House in the area of Sanepa, near Children Youth First office and factory.
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A white board, a computer with internet, a printer, two stitching mechanic machines and two stitching electrical machines are available in the workshop and available for the volunteer. CYF has a stock of used clothes for the bags or dolls’ production, which can be used for the training.
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