What is the volunteer network?

It is a group of committed volunteers who contribute to the association’s influence. It was built up with the willingness of volunteers who have returned from their mission to commit to Planète Urgence. Today, anyone wishing to get involved can join the volunteer network. As each person has his or her own constraints, you can decide to commit to Planète Urgence in the form that suits you best.


The different stakeholders


    The member is a resource on which the network can rely for specific events and wishes to keep abreast of the development of the volunteer network.


    He or she informs and advises the next volunteers before their departure on practical information, organisation, the mission and how it will be carried out, etc.


    He or she shares his commitment to Planète Urgence at internal or external events to testify to his experience as a volunteer.

    He or she organises or participates in targeted actions according to these appetences: prospecting for potential partners, one-off actions and participates in the development of its local branch.


Map of the Volunteer Network

Join the Volunteer Network


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