Our newsTo ensure the continuity of our support to our local partners, Planète Urgence reinvents itself

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27 July 2020

The sanitary crisis that resulted from the COVID19 emergence and its spread all around the world has been particularly distressing for civil society organizations. Our local partners, on the frontline in the fight against inequalities and the destruction of the environment, have been highly affected. While the need for support increases, the travel restriction measures and the closing of borders prevent skilled volunteers to go on site to support our partners. This is why Planète Urgence decided to reinvent itself through a brand new volunteering offer.


As a way to keep in touch and with the objective of identifying the needs and alternative support methods possible, we conducted a study on the impact of COVID19 on our local partners. Among the principal results, we discovered that putting Planète Urgence’s missions on hold had a negative impact on 68% of our partners while 62% of them identified volunteerism as a lever to overcome the crisis’ effects.

Consequently, in order to ensure the continuity of our support and commitment towards our partner organizations and to help them getting back on their feet; Planète Urgence launches its new E-volunteering missions, 100% online. As part of the online missions, the partner organization can now benefit from the weekly support of a qualified volunteer for 3 categories of missions: training, support in tools creation or strategic coaching.


How does it work?


Because impact is the core of our action, the E-volunteering missions answer the same criteria as on-site missions (no substitution, the project is led by the local partner and no competition with local actors). Those missions are designed hand in hand with our local partners and National Delegates and take into account the specific needs of the partner, its availabilities, and technical capacities in terms of remote communication.

The missions created are then available for our partner companies’ employees through our website. Once the volunteer’s application has been validated by the local partner, and after they completed our online training on e-volunteering, the volunteer and the local organization are put in touch, it’s the beginning of the mission!

Finally, after the mission, reports are filled by the volunteer and the local partner and an evaluation is conducted after 6 months in order to measure the impact for the local partner and define the areas of improvement for the next missions.


The types of mission:


The volunteers have the opportunity to commit for 3 kinds of missions:

  • Online training
  • Support in the creation of tools
  • Strategic coaching


The length of those missions varies depending on the identified need and on the availability of the partner. Hence, the volunteers can commit for 2 to 10 weeks, from 2 to 12 hours per week.

Visit our search page for missions to get involved in a e-volunteering mission (the e-volunteering missions are only open to employees from our partner companies).