Doing a e-volunteering mission

The e-volunteering missions have been created by Planète Urgence following the global sanitary crisis and aim to answer our partner organization’s needs all over the world, without any on-site travel for our volunteers.


This new offer allows us to ensure the continuity of our support towards our partners who have been highly impacted throughout the first half of 2020. E-volunteering missions are open to employees from our partner companies only. As no travel is required, they offer the opportunity to employees who cannot go for international missions to get involved and support an organization abroad.


For E-volunteering missions, the volunteer’s commitment can go from 2 to more than 12 hours per week, during 2 to 10 weeks. The missions advertised belong to 3 different categories:

  • Online training: the volunteer uses their expertise to answer an organization’s needs for capacity building through online classes adapted to the local organization’s expectations.
  • Support in tools creation: the volunteer supports the local partner in designing and creating tools (communication, marketing, project management, etc.)
  • Strategic support: the volunteer guide members from the local organization on the analysis of their situation and the measure to implement regarding a specific topic that has been identified beforehand.

The application process

  • 1 Application

    Search for an assignment and apply by filling out a short first contact form.

  • 2 Validation

    Your support coordinator will contact you. You define your mission together: mission dates, cover letter, etc. Your employer validates your mission.

  • 3 Confirmation

    Your mission is validated by the local partner.
  • 4 Online training

    Entirely online training then put in touch with the partner for the start of the mission.