19 August 2021 • ACTUALITÉS

Rock en Seine is committed to Planète Urgence

With 187,114 fires, the record number of daily forest fires ever recorded around the world was recorded on Sunday August 8, 2021. 

No region of the world seems spared! 


It’s urgent ! You know it, and we know it! Emergency for our planet, victim of global warming, and for us, its inhabitants. Rock en Seine, the committed Parisian festival works hand in hand with Planète Urgence, an international solidarity NGO that works to strengthen women and men for a sustainable and united planet. 

In fact, Planète Urgence, for more than twenty years, has been working to preserve endangered forests and biodiversity, the local development of communities and environmental awareness. A huge task, which requires an attentive ear, yours, but also through voluntary actions. Planète Urgence therefore acts alongside private companies and local authorities, through various mechanisms, such as the “€1 = 1 tree planted” operation. In 2020, the association celebrated 10 million trees planted and 20 years of existence! 



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Get involved for the planet during a festival, it’s possible!


Rock en Seine is committed and offers associations the opportunity to speak and meet festival-goers! Discover in pictures how you too can participate in our actions. 


Discover in comics how you can get involved as a festival-goer! 

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In your ears  


From August 16 to 22, Rock en Seine is committed! with Planète Urgence. Support the association through the collection of donations set up by HelloAsso. 

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