40 % of the target achieved!

782000 trees have already been planted by 2021.

1€ = 1 tree planted : Fight against deforestation!

Take part in the operation and contribute to the preservation and restoration of threatened ecosystems.
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Why support
this operation?

Forests are absolutely essential for the planet, playing a crucial role in regulating the climate, sheltering an exceptional biodiversity and constituting a key food resource for rural populations. However, deforestation is occurring at a dramatic rate. Planète Urgence planted 1,781,180 trees in 2020, help us do better in 2021! 


Who are we?

Planète Urgence is an international solidarity and development aid NGO created in 2000 and recognised as being of public utility. Its purpose is to strengthen people for a planet of solidarity and sustainability. It works so that everyone can live with dignity and autonomy in a preserved environment. To this end, three missions have been set: to preserve endangered forests and biodiversity, to promote local community development and to raise environmental awareness. 

How does Planète Urgence operate?

Behind each tree planted, there is a human adventure. It is the story of a collaboration between the actors on the ground, the local communities supported and the teams of Planète Urgence. These men and women work to restore and preserve endangered forests, by placing the tree at the heart of a sustainable development project for their community. Through inclusive reforestation projects, Planète Urgence has the power to concretely and sustainably fight deforestation. For more information on 2 of our reforestation projects ⬇️

Our key figures

  • 1

    More than 13 million hectares of forest disappear each year in the world, that is 1/4 of the surface of France… 

  • 2

    We are currently running 6 reforestation projects involving local people in Madagascar, Indonesia and Cameroon. 

  • 3

    1 200 000 trees planted thanks to Planète Urgence in 2021. 

    Help us do even better this year!