10 July 2021 • ACTUALITÉS

Planète Urgence is surrounded by a committee of experts

experts Planète Urgence

Planète Urgence wished to be surrounded by experts from multiple organizations and fields influencing international solidarity and the environment. These experts work on a voluntary basis to help the association make informed strategic choices. 

In this context, the management of the association brings together an advisory committee every six months to gather opinions and advice on the development of the association and the quality of its intervention. The first committee was held in February 2021 around the president of the association Patrice Papet. It brings together members representing institutions, the world of education and business, as well as thematic experts on the climate, international solidarity or volunteering. 

Committee members from different backgrounds 


The members of this Steering Committee are :

  • Agnès Guiral (Deputy CSR Director of Natixis) 
  • Benjamin Jullien (Head of Strategic Communication France of the European Climate Foundation) 
  • Fréderic Bailly (Member of the Management Board of Groupe SOS – Member of the Board of Planète Urgence) 
  • Jeremy Vende (Head of the FNS-MI Specialized Masters at AgroParisTech, expert in ecosystem management) 
  • Mehdi Achour & Anne Charlotte Dommartin (Delegate for relations with civil society and partnerships at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs) 
  • Miren Bengoa (Director General of the International Action Sector of the SOS Group) 
  • Nicolas Beretti (CEO Brainswatt and Founder of Business4Earth) 
  • Patrice Papet (Chairman of the Board of Planète Urgence) 
  • Philippe Deletain (Forests / Biodiversity / Wetlands Expert of the Environment and Climate Sub-Directorate) 
  • Renaud Bettin (Sweep Climate Expert – formerly of Carbone4 and Geres) 
  • Romain Le Chéquer (Director of the Pierre Bellon Foundation) 
  • Thibaut Mary (Head of the entrepreneurship and integration division at Entrepreneurs du Monde) 


Some feedback from experts following the first Orientation Committee in February 2021 


Thank you very much for inviting me to this Committee, for your warm welcome and your professionalism. I really enjoyed this meeting, it was interesting and efficient. Congratulations for the organization because despite the remote format, the meeting was dynamic, the information concrete, the exchanges very interesting and all this while respecting the timing! 

The facilitation techniques proposed were adequate: a plenary session, then a question and answer session during which each person was able to speak. 

If I had to add one wish: it would be to have an exchange with one or more people in the field on a future occasion. But everything obviously depends on the subject to be treated, the relevance of bringing in someone from the field, the internet connection and the time zone! 

Thibaut MARY, Head of the entrepreneurship and integration division at Entrepreneurs du Monde 



Bravo for this very well prepared first committee! Clear objectives and very effective and dynamic animation. 

Frédéric BAILLY, Member of the SOS Group Executive Board – Member of the Board of Planète Urgence 



Very interesting committee, with complementary profiles gathered. Bravo for having launched this exercise, which can be very useful for receiving opinions from the outside with targeted experiences on the various issues. 

Romain Le Chéquer, Director of the Pierre Bellon Foundation 



Interesting exercise in the diagnostic method and in substance! 

Anne-Charlotte Dommartin, Delegate for Relations with Civil Society and Partnerships at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs 



Very good rhythm of the committee, the “Workshops” session is very interesting. Bravo for this first successful committee. 

Renaud Bettin, Sweep Climate Expert 





The Steering Committee met for the second time in 2021 on Thursday June 17. 


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