Doing a Congé Solidaire® mission

The Congé Solidaire® is a scheme that allows all employees to spend two weeks of their leave time volunteering in France (metropolitan France and Guadeloupe), Africa, Asia and Latin America.


This mission allows volunteers to share their skills and knowledge to support the local communities’ development and participate in the protection of biodiversity and forests.


A Congé Solidaire® is:

  • The assurance of being useful: an impact in line with an expressed need
  • A Preparation for departure and a secure support throughout the mission
  • A unique human and cultural experience


It was a unique experience that could only develop in that setting. It was very enriching and enabled me to build strong ties with the assignment participants. The concept of development, the transfer of knowledge and what you get in return gave meaning to my involvement. Congé Solidaire® assignments won’t stop there for me. I’m already planning to go on another one as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Sébastien, volunteer in Benin

Congé Solidaire®, an employer-funded device

The assignment donation is funded by the company employing the person going on assignment. Additional assignment costs may or may not be covered by the employer depending on the signed partnership agreement (airline tickets, travel for training, visa, etc.).


To support this approach, Planète Urgence for over 20 years has built partnerships with companies and communities that wanting to support their employees’ desire to get involved by funding their assignments. The financial contribution for a Congé Solidaire® mission allows the partner to benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amounts paid, within the limit of 0.5% of the turnover (article 238 bis of French Tax Code). Discover the testimonies of our partners who are committed to this unique device.


The application steps

  • 1 Application

    Find a mission and apply by filling out a short first contact form.

  • 2 Confirmation

    Your support coordinator will get back to you. You will define your mission together: mission dates, cover letter, etc.

  • 3 Validation

    If the local partner validates your mission, you will undertake the departure procedures: plane, visa and vaccination.
  • 4 Preparation to the Departure

    Mandatory 2-day training session (2 training sessions per month). Then departure on mission!

Going on a Congé Solidaire® mission’ conditions

Here are the main conditions to be able to go on a Congé Solidaire®


  • Your employer must be a partner of Planète Urgence* ;
  • Must be of legal age ;
  • Have 2 consecutive weeks off work ;
  • Take time off for the two days of mandatory training (generally 1 month before leaving for a mission).


To go on Congé Solidaire® in the best possible conditions, you are strongly advised to respect a minimum period of 2 months between submitting your application on the website and your availability dates to go on a mission.


This time will allow you to find the mission that matches your profile and the needs and availability of our local partners. Note that plane tickets can be more or less expensive depending on the country of intervention and the period of departure on mission.


*If your employer is not yet a partner, Planète Urgence can help you get them involved in your project. If this is not possible, you always have the possibility of financing your mission via a Solidarity Mission.





des bénéficiaires d'un congé solidaire®