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The IPCC report: an alarming communiqué

The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published last August revealed alarming findings regarding global warming and the multiplication of natural disasters. The IPCC is a structure mixing expert climate scientists and representatives of participating States. The role of this association of countries is to provide an expert report on the evolution and impacts of human-caused climate change. Each year, the 195 members of the IPCC meet to identify solutions and propose possible lines of approach in order to mitigate the consequences of this change. 


Towards a catastrophic future?

The summer of 2021 saw multiple natural disasters, particularly with the numerous floods and forest fires in the Mediterranean basin. Turkey and Greece were particularly affected by its fires with more than 120,000 hectares of land burned. 

But how to explain this phenomenon? Most of the fires are mainly of natural origin, in particular by the high temperatures recorded in these areas which are directly linked to global warming. In fact, this climate change is causing weather conditions to be warmer and drier. In this vicious circle, forest fires caused by global warming worsen the latter because of the carbon dioxide released and then propagated in the air. 

It is therefore essential to raise awareness among all organizations in order to avoid these disasters, which have significant natural and economic consequences. 


An entire ecosytem in danger

Forests do not only represent vast wooded areas but are indeed essential ecosystems sheltering an essential biodiversity for Man. Global warming is not the direct cause of forest loss, but it multiplies and increases the sad consequences of the loss of biodiversity then in danger.   

Education and prevention are two essential concepts to raise awareness of the importance of these ecosystems. In addition, the European Union and the European Commission could well present a law by 2021 in order to put an end to deforestation and other human practices harmful to forests. For this, a commitment from France and other influential European countries is requested. 



The IPCC, a premonitory report?

If it is important to act quickly against global warming, it is because many environmental players are trying to warn us, in particular through quantified reports such as the IPCC. This change would have already affected all inhabited regions through a noticeable change in weather. 

Acting to reduce this scourge is possible, but everything must be done today to limit global warming to +1.5°C. This would require an immediate reduction on a global scale in the emission of greenhouse gases, since “every ton emitted contributes to global warming”. (¹) 

The figures given in the IPCC report last summer will be used in the negotiations at the COP 26 summit in Glasgow. Each year, this summit brings together Member States for 2 weeks of negotiations so that they can announce their programs aimed at reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Human societies and our ecosystems are not prepared for the impact that global warming can have on our lifestyles, which is why our choices today will have long-term consequences. Let’s act now! 

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Rapport du GIEC, IPCC (2021) 

Français — IPCC 


¹ Synthèse et analyse du nouveau rapport du GIEC, Bon Pote, 12 août 2021 



² Synthèse du rapport AR6 du GIEC publié le 09/08/2021, The Shifters, 11 août 2021 



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