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8 July 2020

Find out in this article the essentials of our activity over the past year such as the impact of our forest preservation and local development programs, the School environmental booster kits (“Eco-kits Scolaires”) as well as volunteer actions.

You will find inside : the editorial from our General Manager, extracts from our Activity Report and finally the option to read it entirely (see bottom of the page).



« At the dawn of its 20th anniversary, Planète Urgence has refined its strategy and the association is structured to respond with greater force and accuracy to the environmental and social challenges that we have to lie ahead in the years to come.

2019 was a year of strong tension for the planet and for Humans. To the social emergency, visible in France through the « Gilets Jaunes » movement […] was added a palpable environmental crisis.

French people, just like our local partners, have experienced extreme climatic periods, our teams in Indonesia have witnessed devastating fires in tropical zones, 27% of known animal species are still in danger of extinction and the world continues to lose each year more than 10 million acres of tropical forests (equivalent about 20% of the surface of Metropolitan France).


It is within this context that Planète Urgence, an international solidarity NGO which works to strengthen women and men for a sustainable and united planet, has been able to support 117 local partners in 18 countries, has preserved nearly 1,000 hectares of forest through 6 ecosystems protection projects while supporting 42,361 beneficiaries !


Have a good reading ! »


Amandine Hersant,

General Manager







2019 key figures


In 2019, Planète Urgence pursued its missions :

  • Reforestation, ecosystem restoration, sustainable forest management and protection, thanks to the Environment & Development program which brings local and integrated response to the pressures exerted on ecosystems in 6 projects in Indonesia, Madagascar and Cameroon.
  • Strengthen local actors by transferring the skills of 511 volunteers sent on the field with our local partners.
  • Improve the school environment in 4 African countries, thanks to the « Eco-kits Scolaires » operation, in order to offer thousands of students a better access to learning, combined with environmental awareness actions.



2019 has also been a sign of expansion !


Among lots of good news, here are a few:

  • A new General Manager, Amandine Hersant, arrived in June 2019.
  • A new Delegation has been opened in Ecuador, in order to meet the needs of local partners as closely as possible.
  • A new reforestation project in Cameroon has been launched.
  • Alice Modolo, vice-world champion of free diving and passionate about environment has become our official sponsor.




A world global impact


Southern Africa


Madagascar is undergoing massive deforestation, even though it has a unique biodiversity. A large part large part of its population lives in extreme poverty.

In 2019, E&D took action through 3 projects:

  • TAPIA, whose objective is to reduce human pressure on the tapia forest by restoring it with the members of the VOI, in charge of its sustainable management, while at the same time reforesting various species for their wood-energy needs. This project also aims to provide them with additional income by creating conditions favoring the sustainable production of wild-silk worms, threatened by extinction and of which tapia is its habitat.
  • FANAJARIANA, whose objective is to support 4 municipalities in the districts of Arivonimamo, Atsimondrano and Ambohidratrimo, in order to sustainably improve their availability of wood-energy while preserving the environment and improving the resilience of their inhabitants to climate change
  • AFIBERIA, whose double objective is to contribute to the fight against poverty, reduce human pressure on the forests by supporting the structuring of actors in the wood-energy sector


24 partners and 39 projects were supported in 2019 thanks to 127 volunteers from Planète Urgence.


Lastly, 27 schools were supported for the 2019-2020 year and 5,837 children received an School Eco-kit, so students are aware of the importance of environmental protection !


West and Central Africa


Cameroon, along with Indonesia and Madagascar, is one of the 10 main major deforestation fronts recorded in 2018. The situation threatens the wealth of the country’s biodiversity, the communities that depend on it and the adaptation capacity of the countries to climate change.

In 2019, Planète Urgence opened the E&D program in Cameroon, through the implementation of a first pilot project: FARE.

FARE project aims to reduce the direct pressure (demography, migration linked to cross-boarder conflicts) and indirect pressure (climate change) exerted on the Bénoué National Park. The reforestation of multipurpose trees, such as the planting of cashew trees, has been identified as being able to contribute to the preservation of the environment of this agroecological zone and support the emergence of green sectors in favor of the local development of communities bordering the Park.


In 2019, 45 partners and 80 projects were supported by volunteer missions.

This year, 30,365 school Eco-kits in 174 establishments were distributed in Benin, Cameroon and Togo.


Latin America and the Caribbean


In this area, 26 partners and 33 projects were supported in 2019 by the Planète Urgence’ volunteer missions.

Volunteers left for 4 different countries : Peru, Ecuador, Guadeloupe and Mexico.

This represents 84% support from our partners active in the region!




Planète Urgence operates in Indonesia, which alone hosts 1/4 of the world’s mangroves: a coastal ecosystem that provides income for more than a million Indonesian women and men.


It is through 2 projects that E&D acts:

  • MAHAKAM, whose objective is to restore and conserve the mangrove ecosystem in the south of the Mahakam Delta and to provide viable economic solutions to relieve pressure on the mangrove and raise awareness of the protection of this forest and of its biodiversity.
  • BONTANG, whose objective is to restore the massively deforested mangrove near the Kutai National Park, home to a rich biodiversity.

In Asia, 22 partners and 31 projects were supported by volunteer missions.




Positive financial results


In 2019, Planète Urgence’s activities resulted in a surplus of €96,536, an increase of +178% compared to the 2018 financial year !


Where do our resources come from ?

  • 73% : sponsorship, partnership
  • 21% : fundraising, donations from individuals
  • 5% : other resources
  • 1% : government grants


Thanks to the significant improvement in its funds, Planète Urgence can now plan its activities and their development in a more secure and sustainable way.

To note this year, an increase in the proportion of corporate sponsorship, with 73% contribution in total resources ! In 2019, Planète Urgence received the support of 170 patrons structures, including 23 new.







The use of resources remains substantially identical to 2018, the predominant activity remaining volunteering wich represents 52% of the association’s expenses.



















Planète Urgence, with the precious help of its partners and donors intends to keep this dynamic to contribute more to making this world more sustainable.



To read the entire Activity Report: