1€ donné = 1 arbre planté

“1€ donated = 1 tree planted” is an operation created by Planete Urgence to finance its “Environment and Development” program and preserve forests and their endangered biodiversity. The concept is simple: for every euro paid, we commit to planting a tree in areas very weakened by human action and threatened by deforestation.

Each donation is tax-exempt up to 66% of its amount. For example, a donation of 50€ allows you to plant 50 trees and only costs you only 17€ after tax deduction.

Plant trees

Why plant trees? 🌳

A tree:

• produces oxygen,
• stores carbon,
• contributes to the maintenance of animal species and plants,
• regulates the water cycle,
• protects the soil,
• promotes climate balance.


The forest is:

• A way to participate in the food and economic safety for the most vulnerable populations,
• A renewable energy source for millions of people,
• A building material and a sustainable source of income for many craftsmen and their families.


An indispensable role for the environment

Absolutely essential for the planet, the forest plays a crucial role in climate regulation and is home to exceptional biodiversity and has key food resources for rural populations. Yet, despite the warning from the various institutional reports calling for sustainable management of these ecosystems, deforestation is rampant at a frantic pace.

Through inclusive preservation projects in connection with local populations in Cameroon, Indonesia and Madagascar, Planete Urgence has the power to fight deforestation concretely and sustainably.

Donate for the environment

Beyond planting, a social and sustainable action

Behind every tree planted with Planete Urgence, there is a human adventure. It’s the story of a collaboration between field actors, supported local communities and the Planete Urgence team.

These men and women work to restore and preserve endangered forests, placing the tree back at the heart of a sustainable development project for their community. In addition to the planted tree, a whole sustainable economic sector is supported, and a whole network of children and adults sensitized and involved in preserving their environment.

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